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Distance Tee is a true performance golf tee. D-tee is molded of high strength polycarbonate, so it is strong and flexible at the same time.

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With golfs only, patented, directional flex shaft and oversized ball cup, you have more control than ever on your tee shots.

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Distance and accuracy from superior golf tees.
D-tes have two different methods of set-up. With the sharp edge aimed at the target they have low resistance attributes, knifing through the turf. Perfect for drivers, hybrids and long irons. D-tee golf tees are longer lasting than standard tees and they are easy to insert into the ground.

The D-tee from Distance Tee Golf, conforms with the USGA rules of golf. D-tees promote longer drives, more drives in the fairway. High strength polycarbonate molded into an flexible yet sturdy design coupled with excellent groove cleaning and ballmark fixing capabilities make one high quality tee. Durable, easy to grip, easy to insert, easy to find the red pouch in your golf bag.

Stick your Par-3's with Ease! Switch to D-tees
On par 3's aim the flat side toward the target and watch the ball fly higher with all the backspin and control that your club was designed to achieve. Get the Divot effect without the Divot

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